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165. Medium Pony Hunter Model

result entry horse / owner rider
1 215 Robin Hill's Snapshot
Piccolino Farm LLC
Coco Fath
2 866 Lakeview Pickpocket
Daryl Stout
Farah Rizvi
3 906 Qualen's Commence the Magic
Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth Foster
4 1247 Woodlands Bojangles
Gail Krempasky
Emma Callanan
5 567 Playwright
Georgia Bynum
Georgia Bynum
6 823 Simply Irresistible
Abigail Brayman
Abigail Brayman
7 1018 Merlin the Magnificent
Dimitra Ippolito
Dimitra Ippolito
8 568 Hands Up
16 Whispers LLC
Kayla Ryan